PortraitsUV print on acrylic over stretched original fabric, each 104x76cm Resulting from a residency at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, these portraits depict a spectrum of femininity, performed by several artists

VENUS Exhibition Documentation

Multimedia installationMusic improvised by Will Saunders. Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum Cologne, 2013. Presented by KunstSalon Cologne. This exhibition shows video projections and photography, produced during a residency at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles

N Like Nancy

HD Film, Los Angeles, 2012, 25 min N like Nancy was filmed over the course of a residency in Los Angeles, in Spring 2012. Taking the form of a vox


UV print, 105×78,4cm, 2011 Details


HD Projection on raised floor, Sound, 2011


Video performance, HD, 168min, 2010 With the camera, I am following a hiker up and down a mountain for the entire time of the journey.


2-chanel HD video installation, no sound, 2009 Recorded live, the performance JUPITER shows the artist, standing on ice in front of an oversized wind machine. As the machine rotates faster

Ich werde erwartet

Trying to apply lipstic on an inverted rollercoaster, 2008


Video Performance, 2008. 19 participants over the course of 14hrs. Following a public invitation to have a coffee (or tea) with me, 19 people attended the performance over the course

Trostlied am Abend

4 channel video installation, sound, 5min, 2007 Trostlied am Abend, installed inside Deutz Bridge Cologne, 2007. Explanatory video. In this video installation, 4 Hantarex monitors display choir singers for Soprano,