Giclée print, various sizes, 2020


Nino and David are brothers.The pictures were taken a week before Nino’s mastectomy, from which he since has recovered well. The cooperation with Nino is especially important to me because

We developed this website together as a dynamic online version of our #360baleado installations. Massive thanks to Zanko Loreck for the amazing work on the design. The project is now an online-artwork, giving

25 Kunstsäulen

September/October 2020, Cologne We have been invited by the City of Cologne arts council to take over 25 former advertising drums with our project #360baleado. The idea was to transfer

# 360baleado

Immersive installation and 360° VR artwork about the strengths and visibility of trans* communities in Brazil and Germany.

#360baleado Portraits

Portrait series showing 41 members of the trans* communities in Brazil and Germany

The Only Male Geisha – Outside Sound Installation

Sound installation on Museum of East Asian Art and Japan Foundation, Cologne 2018

Neck – Eriashi 襟足

Banner on outside wall of Quartier am Hafen, Cologne. On view since August 2018.

Photographer in Tamashima – Tama Log

Exhibition at Yumikobo Gallery, Tamashima/Kurashiki, Japan

LANYC (Stills)

C-Prints on Dibond, Liquid Gloss finish These photographic images depict a selection of specifically challenging moments inside the video installation LANYC. On two layers, different landscapes, abandoned factories, cities and

Best Wishes

C-Print on Diasec, 34 x 46cm


C-Prints on Diasec, 70x40cm

Postcards from Venus

Handprinted photographs on embossed cardboard, 26,5×32,5 cm


PortraitsUV print on acrylic over stretched original fabric, each 104x76cm Resulting from a residency at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, these portraits depict a spectrum of femininity, performed by several artists

VENUS Exhibition Documentation

Multimedia installationMusic improvised by Will Saunders. Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum Cologne, 2013. Presented by KunstSalon Cologne. This exhibition shows video projections and photography, produced during a residency at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles

N Like Nancy

HD Film, Los Angeles, 2012, 25 min N like Nancy was filmed over the course of a residency in Los Angeles, in Spring 2012. Taking the form of a vox


UV print, 105×78,4cm, 2011 Details

Poesie der Schwerkraft

C-Print on Dibond, each 118 x 95cm, 2006 Poesie der Schwerkraft (Poetry of Gravity) shows Bungee Jumpers at the moment of zero gravity.


Reflections of People inside their TV screens, 2005


Natrium Silver Print (after Stephan Reusse)

Camera Obscura Photography

Using a self built pinhole camera, these images mark the beginning of my artistic practice and photographic work.