We developed this website together as a dynamic online version of our #360baleado installations. Massive thanks to Zanko Loreck for the amazing work on the design. The project is now an online-artwork, giving

25 Kunstsäulen

September/October 2020, Cologne We have been invited by the City of Cologne arts council to take over 25 former advertising drums with our project #360baleado. The idea was to transfer


Video Performance, 2008. 19 participants over the course of 14hrs. Following a public invitation to have a coffee (or tea) with me, 19 people attended the performance over the course


Video, 02:24min, sound, 2006 Couples on a public boulevard in Saigon, Vietnam, sitting next to each other on their mopeds. Traditionally, young couples meet in public to be seen together


Reflections of People inside their TV screens, 2005