25 Kunstsäulen

September/October 2020, Cologne

We have been invited by the City of Cologne arts council to take over 25 former advertising drums with our project #360baleado. The idea was to transfer our digital space of #360baleado into the streets of Cologne, simultaneously launching the website www.360baleado.net.

The repeated motif is based on Berlin designer Zanko Loreck’s amazing look for the website. QR codes and an empowering quote from Nicholas Ámon draw passersby into the inspiring space of #360baleado.

„I can almost not believe it when a person comes along who wants to know more about us. But it’s great because it shows that we are all different. Every trans* man, every trans* woman and every non-binary person here is different, has a different story to tell.“

Nicholas Ámon for #360baleado