Neck – Eriashi 襟足

Banner on outside wall of Quartier am Hafen, Cologne. Since 2018

Commissioned in 2018, Quartier am Hafen (studio buliding, gallery and dance performance space in Cologne) have selected my suggestion for an artwork on the outside wall of the building. Thinking about art and performance, the picture shows the neck of a Geisha, traditionally painted with a pattern called Eriashi (襟足) – „Neck Lines“.

Eriashi (襟足), meaning “Neck Lines.” These two lines serve a dual purpose: the first is to give the impression that her makeup is like a mask, and the second is to leave a small bit of skin showing as traditionally the nape of a woman’s neck was considered sexy.

The banner shows the neck of Japan’s only male geisha, Eitaro Matsunoya. It is currently on view.